Sunday, July 27, 2014

"June & July" H-Town. Houston, Texas!

(I love this quote by Paulo Coelho, from a booked called Aleph, that I started and finished, during our travels. Good Read! and this is a Sleepy Sunday Church Selfie from this morning :) )

So..we headed off to Houston, it took us just one day of driving to get here..Just about 15 hours.
(P.S. I am leading in from the previous post. You can catch that post HERE)

And Once we got here, we got to work and worked a lot! And man oh man, it is hot here!! I have however been super grateful for all the rain, they have had this summer AND I will say, that initially I hated the humidity, but it turned out Humidity is Super Fantastic for the skin and my skin seems very happy!! So, in turn , I don't mind the humidity too much any mo ;) At the end of July we will have been here 2 months.

In addition to lots of work, which has become more even keel now, not so hardcore, we got a pup!
We have had our wonderful, independent, smart and talented JoJo haha! (he's my first babe) for a year and felt he needed a friend. So we unexpectedly rescued a pup. 

We basically figured, a puppy needs just as much love and attention, might as well, give that same love and attention to a dog who needs it more! So we got Einstein and man, poor guy had spent most of his life in a kennel and was extremely emotionally neglected. He Also had NEVER had a haircut or ever been outside! and he is over a year old!!

It took us a couple weeks, but he sure loves to cuddle, he is 94% potty trained, we leave him in the kitchen and he doesn't make mistakes anymore, he's learning his name, his learning to play with JoJo and man he sure is handsome now that he has gotten a haircut!

^ ^ ^
What Do You Think?!

For the 4th of July, we spent it with friends and HUGE fireworks!! Turns out here in Texas, fireworks, that are illegal, in almost every other state, the fireworks that I had to purchase illegally on the Indian Reservations, are very much legal here. So we had quite the show. Despite, our front row seats being a little too close, it was a lot of fun. Especially with all the excited kiddos!

In between the work we have managed to sneak in some fun, in addition, to our crazy fireworks show! :)
We've spent a few days, this month at Wet n' Wilds Splash Town. Enjoyed some "Ninja Turtle" sushi rolls and hit golf balls at the Driving Range. :) We really suck at "Top Golf"'s driving range games..but they are fun, none the less! haha!

I love this sunset photo of Jordan golfing at "Top Golf" Driving Range.

oh and we got in a hour or so of rock climbing. That is a work out!! 

Jordan got himself a super sweet, heavy keyed, keyboard! He started taking piano lessons again this month, one hour long lessons, once a week. Jordan took lessons when he was a kid, but hasn't played, consistently, in a really long time. It's like riding a bicycle, for him though, he catches on so quickly,. The piano is so beautiful and it makes my heart so happy to hear him play and hear the music ringing through our little apartment!

I have fallen in love with make-up. In particular, lip shades, contouring shadows, Tart powder and Smashbox BB Cream!!

and  I am one month in on taking Krav Maga classes :) My Israeli friends would be so proud! Krav is an Israeli martial art that is taught to the Israeli military.
I find, I am more of an Endorphin Junkie than anything else and their conditioning classes kick my butt, so that's what I primarily attend that gym for. The marital arts classes are just an added bonus! KiYah! ;)


We attended the Jay-Z & Beyonce On The Run Tour!!!

This completely and utterly rocked my world! Despite having nose bleed seats! I was so happy to be there. I couldn't imagine paying $300 ++ per ticket but I also couldn't image missing the concert all together, so I only went in on $125 a ticket. I was just grateful to be in their live presence and in Beyonce's home town!
I love Beyonce and I have been singing Jay-Z lyrics, since I can remember. They put on an Incredible performance and I adore my husband for enduring as I screamed and danced and sang all the lyrics :) He is such a trooper!
I will say however, we both walked out of there Totally Inspired. Throughout Jay's performances he continued to remind the audience to Pursue our dreams endlessly and passionately and he being the perfect example of doing that, as well as Beyonce. You can't help but walk out on a high of inspiration. They both literally started from nothing and built world wide empires, impacting sooo many lives with their talents and good works. They put on a phenomenal show, that ended with a heart warming reel of family photos as they performed "Forever Young" to close out the show. 

So that pretty much sums up our month. Stay tuned, for Jordan's birthday celebrations post! :)

Oh we also saw Lucy, the movie. It is quite interesting. If you enjoy movies about the mind and being Your Best Self. You may enjoy this movie. Jordan and I sure did and I'm gunna share a few insights/ thoughts on it, in an upcoming video, this week.

That's the month of July. 
Lots of work, lots of play, some Beyonce. ;) and Lots and Lots of Videos! Be sure to subscribe, so you catch all the videos! I share a few a week! and say Hi on Facebook! 

 Okay two more things! 
And 2. This is fun! haha! Jordan lost a bet and got pied by a lot of the guys on the team out here. lol He took it in grace and stride! lol

Sooooo Much Love sent to YOU!


"May" Our Orlando Adventure


Today is Sunday July 27th. 4 Sleeps until Jordan's Birthday. I am so excited! and he will get his own post, that will arrive August 1st, so stay tuned for that! :)

WOW! Okay where to begin. Well, if you have been in the loop for awhile, you know, that Hubs and I packed up our beautiful Huntington Beach, California life and headed east for Orlando Florida on/around April 21st. We drove down, to live there for a few months and work our door to door sales gig.
Highlight of the drive is that we drove through, 9 States! California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi ( where we stayed a couple days, cuz Jordan's car had issues), Alabama and then finally Florida.
Additionally, We put our feet in the Gulf of Mexico and I drove 24 hours straight through the night, for my first time ever! It was crazy...but luckily Jordan and I chatted on the phone, most of the time, simply because We Were In Two Different Cars! haha
Look at Jo Jo! He is the cutest, smartest, sweetest puppy ever and did AMAZING the entire trip. Which we were hoping would only be a 2 day trip and due to car issues, turned into a 6 day trip.

When we finally arrived in Orlando, all in one piece, we were only there a month, before we again had to pack up our things and mosey on out of Orlando, to Houston, Texas, where the the territory for sales was better, as well as pay. ...We were promised lots in Orlando that didn't come through and so we had to do what was best for us and our team.
So we packed up our things and moved to Texas!

We did however, enjoy Orlando for the short time we were there.
Man on Man, that place is Gorgeous!
Every day I felt like I was waking up and walking outside into my very own live zoo!
We had turtles and ducks in our backyard pond.
Squirrels Galore! So many different species of birds! More than I could have possibly imagined prior to living there. Lizards and Snakes galore! It was amazing!
Orlando Is A Super Cool Place! I highly recommend to visit!

There was even a neighborhood where the people supported the Peacock wildlife and a clan of over 25 peacocks co-habited with mutual respect of the home owners in one little block of land. When driving through and interacting with some of the residence, it Blew My Mind. That 25+ peacocks lived in there neighborhood, perched on their roofs, chilled under their trees and they were all okay with it. In fact, they quite 'fancied' it!

Even though we were in Orlando only one short month and despite all the working we were doing, we managed to play a bit too! It's in our nature! ;)

Orlando Universal Studios was soooo fun!! One of teammates was able to get a "hook up" from one of her clients, who got a few of us discount tickets and he also was our personal guide, taking us from ride to ride, between the two universal parks! IT WAS A BLAST!

And When In FLORIDA You Gotta See Alligators Right?! YES!

So Hubs and I visited Gatorland. I was asked to go on stage a hold a Boa which was awesome. I don't have a photo though :( We fed the birds and saw some really awesome Albino and not albino Alligators :) 

The very day, after Gatorland, we packed up our things and our team and headed to Houston, Texas!

This post is kinda long :) If you wanna read about June & July's adventures

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shanelle's Sunday Confession

Shanelle's Sunday Confession!




Okay..Okay!..Here's The Brownies!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tough Mudder LA, 2014, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

So we don’t have a whole lot of awesomeness going on in our lives, to blog, I'll begin monthly recaps, just to kind-of throw all the happenings, in our month, into one whole “Sha-Bang” !

Today, however, I present a Throw Back Thursday! To catch you up on Our Adventures! ;)

This is with me and my two sister in laws.

Emily who is my husband’s sister and Chelsea who is my husband’s brother’s wife. ;P

(First Picture Top Left: Me, Chelsea, Emily)

This was one of the most energy exerting, yet exhilarating course of my life!..thus far..

Each tough mudder course terrain is different depending on location. Ours was all UP HILL! 
10 Miles, 20 Obstacles and the Entire Thing was up Hill! I CLEARLY was not a fan of all the hills! hahaha
I will say however, my first half marathon, which I also did with Chelsea, was all up hill as well, (clearly God thinks I need to tone my butt more..) 13.2 miles boring terrain in the Las Vegas desert. I would much rather do 10 miles 20 Obstacles over the 13.2 straight miles.
The obstacle course, breaks up the monotony and adds an exhilarating challenge. I get excited, as I sit here and describe the experience. I am excited for the next one!...Despite having blacked out. I would Totally do it again!

...yea..I Black Out...


TIP! If you wanna do this race but don't wanna spend the dough..Volunteer the day before!
It turns your $200 race admission, into $40!

As for the actual race tips..we didn't train for it, just the normal 3/5 days a week 30-60 minute cardio and strength training workouts, nothing intense or necessarily preparatory.

I Black Out because of the "Electric Eel". 
Dangling electrical wires, hanging over a pile of mud, there is no escaping these eels, and volunteers hose participants down with water as participants run through this slippery electrifying finale.

We had asked veterans of the course, the day before, when we volunteered, about this controversial obstacle and we got mixed reviews from "it's not bad at all, you just get stung a little" to Big Dudes saying " Ef that, I'm skipping that obstacle, this year"

So we basically went through the Electric Eel, the very last obstacle, brave and naive, the three of us ran through at the same time on our feet and before we could get to the end, we were crawling on our knees, to escape! 
All I remember is it going dark and looking up and my sister-in-laws we already out waiting for me and a volunteer had to clean my eyes out.
Then I was taken to the medic center, where they cleaned the remaining dirt and grim, that was literally caked to my eyeballs!
When I blacked out from the electricity, I went face first into the mud, with my eyes open.

But I still have my sight! and it's an incredible story!

Needless to say, I would do it all again, Recommend it to all my friends.
I would just say, stay away from the Electric Eel!!

haha!! Happy Throwback Thursday!

(Me "After Race Face")



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Monday, July 14, 2014

Mama Duck

This is a Rewind Monday for ya, to share a really cool experience of when Jordan and I were followed by ducks! It was awesome!

I tried to upload the video, but FB wouldn't allow me to embed it, so click the link, we caught some great footage of it!
It was so sweet! :)

Click Here! :)

Do you have any cute experiences with random encounters with animals?!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

We have a new addition to the family! He's a year old Maltese and because of his crazy crazy hair and we believe he will be Brilliant! We have named him JoJo. 

Do you have a rescued pup?...or Perhaps a Maltese?
..Tell Me More Below!