Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shanelle's Sunday Confession

Shanelle's Sunday Confession!




Okay..Okay!..Here's The Brownies!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tough Mudder LA, 2014, Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

So we don’t have a whole lot of awesomeness going on in our lives, to blog, I'll begin monthly recaps, just to kind-of throw all the happenings, in our month, into one whole “Sha-Bang” !

Today, however, I present a Throw Back Thursday! To catch you up on Our Adventures! ;)

This is with me and my two sister in laws.

Emily who is my husband’s sister and Chelsea who is my husband’s brother’s wife. ;P

(First Picture Top Left: Me, Chelsea, Emily)

This was one of the most energy exerting, yet exhilarating course of my life!..thus far..

Each tough mudder course terrain is different depending on location. Ours was all UP HILL! 
10 Miles, 20 Obstacles and the Entire Thing was up Hill! I CLEARLY was not a fan of all the hills! hahaha
I will say however, my first half marathon, which I also did with Chelsea, was all up hill as well, (clearly God thinks I need to tone my butt more..) 13.2 miles boring terrain in the Las Vegas desert. I would much rather do 10 miles 20 Obstacles over the 13.2 straight miles.
The obstacle course, breaks up the monotony and adds an exhilarating challenge. I get excited, as I sit here and describe the experience. I am excited for the next one!...Despite having blacked out. I would Totally do it again!

...yea..I Black Out...


TIP! If you wanna do this race but don't wanna spend the dough..Volunteer the day before!
It turns your $200 race admission, into $40!

As for the actual race tips..we didn't train for it, just the normal 3/5 days a week 30-60 minute cardio and strength training workouts, nothing intense or necessarily preparatory.

I Black Out because of the "Electric Eel". 
Dangling electrical wires, hanging over a pile of mud, there is no escaping these eels, and volunteers hose participants down with water as participants run through this slippery electrifying finale.

We had asked veterans of the course, the day before, when we volunteered, about this controversial obstacle and we got mixed reviews from "it's not bad at all, you just get stung a little" to Big Dudes saying " Ef that, I'm skipping that obstacle, this year"

So we basically went through the Electric Eel, the very last obstacle, brave and naive, the three of us ran through at the same time on our feet and before we could get to the end, we were crawling on our knees, to escape! 
All I remember is it going dark and looking up and my sister-in-laws we already out waiting for me and a volunteer had to clean my eyes out.
Then I was taken to the medic center, where they cleaned the remaining dirt and grim, that was literally caked to my eyeballs!
When I blacked out from the electricity, I went face first into the mud, with my eyes open.

But I still have my sight! and it's an incredible story!

Needless to say, I would do it all again, Recommend it to all my friends.
I would just say, stay away from the Electric Eel!!

haha!! Happy Throwback Thursday!

(Me "After Race Face")



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Monday, July 14, 2014

Mama Duck

This is a Rewind Monday for ya, to share a really cool experience of when Jordan and I were followed by ducks! It was awesome!

I tried to upload the video, but FB wouldn't allow me to embed it, so click the link, we caught some great footage of it!
It was so sweet! :)

Click Here! :)

Do you have any cute experiences with random encounters with animals?!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

We have a new addition to the family! He's a year old Maltese and because of his crazy crazy hair and we believe he will be Brilliant! We have named him JoJo. 

Do you have a rescued pup?...or Perhaps a Maltese?
..Tell Me More Below!